A little about me


Hello, my name’s Tayler. I’m from the UK and I’m seventeen, very soon to be eighteen.

The things in life I enjoy include my friends, socialising, reading (I collect books!), writing and film. I guess you could call me ‘creative’ and I have a very vivid imagination! I love meeting new people and both listening and talking and sharing experiences, hopes and dreams. I love to travel – I have been most places in the world although there are a few I am still yet to visit; India, Australia and Thailand being specific places I am desperate to go!

 I have been diabetic since I was twelve – I was diagnosed a few days after Easter six years ago. Ever since, I have struggled with acceptance of the disease and unfortunately have never been able to maintain good diabetes control for a long period of time. I have an eating disorder and have had since I was about thirteen – obviously, this has made my diabetes extremely hard to manage and as a result I have been in and out of hospital for years. A few years ago a name for my eating disorder ‘came out’ into the general public; diabulimia. If you’d like to read more on this disorder please follow the link on the main page; I have given a non-clinical, simplistic explanation of what it is and why it’s so deadly.

My mission? To create awareness of diabulimia, and it’s devastating effects on not only people with diabetes but their families and friends. Like anorexia and bulimia, it does, and can kill, if not faster. The misconception of diabetics is that we are diagnosed, taught how to handle our disease and then walk into the sunset and lead happy, fulfilling lives. Of course, with thousands.. millions of people this is true; a happy and fulfilling life can of course be lived with diabetes, but for many of us we are left to suffer in a miserable and isolated silence. My blog is a raw, truthful account of what it is like for a diabulimic taking each day as it comes and searching for a solution to fix this illness.

I don’t want this anymore, I am in the prime of my life and I have too much left to give to the world to die and be forgotten. I’m fighting, not only my own battle, but the battle of each and every person that has ever been affected by diabulimia.

We will win.

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